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7 Amazing DIY Diamond Painting Storage ideas

If you are a diamond painting lover and have multiple diamond paintings in your home, you must organize your diamonds in storage boxes. These Diamond Painting Storage ideas will help you to achieve this goal.

We send the auto zipping containers or, say, plastic zip-lock pouch with most of our kits, but we suggest using a Diamond painting storage box. We are here to tell you some amazing diamond storage techniques.

Suppose that your dog or your cat jumped on your diamond painting workplace, and your diamonds are now everywhere.

We have a great way to escape from this issue: diamond painting storage holders that will take your new hobby to the next level.

We use DMC numbers on all of our paintings to store diamonds from multiple paintings in the same container for the same DMC number.

DIY Diamond Painting Storage ideas

Use Diamond Storage Box

We highly recommend using the Diamond Storage box to organize all of your Diamonds. This will help you to get your diamonds quickly and make your diamond painting faster.

If your order value is more than $100, we will send you a 28 slot diamond bead storage box for free.

*Your order and the storage box may arrive in a different package

Diamond Embroidery Storage Box

Medicine Boxes are great to sort your Diamonds

Ziva Mary shared with us.
“I always use Medicine boxes to store my diamond painting, and they work great. Trust me, dumping the diamonds all over the floor is not fun!”
Thanks, Ziva, for the amazing Hack for storing the diamonds.
Medicine boxes are one of the best ways to store your extra beads. We recommend you get a little bit bigger boxes So that you can store beads from multiple paintings.

Medicine Boxes For Diamond Storage

Use “DIY Diamond Dry Cleaning”

We hope they know how to hang the clothes on the hangers. Hehe, Just kidding!!
Now we can use the same organizing technique to organize our diamond painting beads.
This is one of the cheapest techniques that you can use to organize your diamonds. You can refer to the below picture to get an idea about this.

As we send these zipping pouches with each order, so you don’t need to buy them. Just label each of the bags, and you are done with your diamond holder.

Dry Cleaner Diamond Painting storage Idea

Use Empty Egg Carton to sort Your Rhinestones!

If you are an egg lover, then you must have some egg trays in your home. So why are you not using them to organize your diamond paintings? I mean, what is better than that?
This is an almost free diamond storage cart. When using a specific color, empty some beads in the tray and rest on the Egg tray.
Isn’t it a great way to save your diamonds falling on the floor?

Egg Shells For Diamond Storage box

Use a Bigger Container If you have Loads of one Color

In many paintings, we notice that there are a lot of Diamonds of a single color. Most of the time, it is Black or White. We suggest you put that color into a big Tupperware container.

Big Container For Diamond Painting Storage

Use K-cup carousel to hold your diamonds

If you are a coffee lover, you may know about the k-cup holder, or you may have one of them for your coffee storage.
We are not saying you use your coffee container to store your extra beads, but we suggest you buy a new one.

Amazon has a beautiful K-Cup Carousel for you.

Use your kitchen Spice Storage box

Yes, you heard it right. You can use your kitchen spice storage boxes also to organize your diamond beads.
Buy some extra boxes and label them for each DMC code.

So dear friends, these are some basic Diamond painting Storage ideas. If you have more ideas for storing your diamonds safely, you are welcomed in the comment section. Please share some amazing ideas to help the whole community.

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