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Covid-19 Updates

Hello dear customers, first of all thank you for trusting us in this pandemic. We want to tell you that our USA and Australian warehouse is out of stock now. So we are shipping the paintings from our China warehouse.

What is the issue with China Warehouse?

If you want to know about the issues then there is none. Actually we are shipping regularly but there are very less flights for now.

Can a package from China spread Corona virus?

No, there is no case found like this till now. But don’t worry we take care all the things while making and packing the Paintings. So you can buy without thinking about corona.

So you order may be in queue for a long time. Please read the following must know facts

Are you accepting orders?

Yes, we are accepting new orders and shipping them on regular basis. The problem is we can not guarantee any shipping time for now. 

We will start the faster shipping again once everything will be normal.

Where is my Order?

All the orders are getting shipped on regular basis. You will get your tracking ID when your order is shipped. 

Your order and your money both are safe.

But the problem is that tracking is not getting updated regularly and it is taking too long. We can understand your problem but this is not in our hand.

We can print your canvas and hand over to the shipping company, the rest is on shipping company. We can also not blame to the shipping company because they don’t have much slots in the flights.

Please keep patience with us.

I want my money back.

Hello dear, we can understand your situation but we can not provide you any money back once the order is shipped. 

Because we already printed the canvas + we have paid to the shipping company. We are already loosing money due to the hike of shipping prices. So please try to understand.

What will we do to compensate?

We love you! because you believe in us. Once the situation become normal every order placed from 15 March 2020 till over next notification will get the items below

  1. An A4 size Light pad for orders above $50.
  2. Diamond storage box for order below $50.
  3. DIY wooden frame for Paint By Numbers orders.

If you didn’t like our suggestions. You can order any painting from our website for free. The size should be below 40x40CM. You can avail this offer once your product is delivered.


For anyone who’s frustrated because their mail packages are taking forever right now, USPS is backlogged due to a significant percentage of postal workers being out due to coronavirus.

Thirty percent of staff are out in major hubs like Denver, for example. Detroit was hit even harder, never mind the international hubs like New York, Chicago, and San Francisco that got slammed in March and April and are just now trying to recover.

Additionally, USPS is seeing record mail volumes that are equal to the holidays because people are shopping so much online during quarantine. Please be patient and be kind to us. We are doing the best we can.

Hello dear customers. This is what we can do for you. Please feel free to ask anything at [email protected].

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