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Introducing OOOPS!!! LIFETIME GUARANTEE, free with every order you make on DIYPaintingo (Previously Known as PaintingsCart)


Let us know if you ever had an OOOPS!!! moment.

We hope that you understood what we are talking about? We all face many OOOPS!!! moment in our life and mix up all the things. This can happen in the Diamond painting as well. Have a look at some OOOPS!!! moment that can be happened in Diamond Painting.

  • You got too excited while organizing the diamonds and end up mixing twenty colors.
  • Your little cousin decided to shake the diamond for you and drop all the diamonds on the canvas.
  • Your pet decided to become your diamond painting partner.
Diamond Painting Problems

If this ever happens to you don’t worry DIYPaintingo is always with you. We are very happy to announce that we are the only company that provides OOOPS!!! insurance with each order without costing a single penny to you.


If something happens while working on your DP project and something wrong happened with your Diamond Painting Kit.

You tried to fix it but you are not able to do. You can simply Send a message or email to us and we will send you a replacement of diamonds or the whole kit.

How to Claim OOOPS!!! Insurance

We have a LOT of faith in our customers, and if your claim found legitimate we promise our relations will become stronger. So here are the ways to claim

Step 1. First of all, take a photo of the damage and send us (REQUIRED)

Step 2. Mail us the Photo with your registered email address  and include the below details 

  • Order ID
  • Your Name
  • Your Email Address (if you don’t send via registered email)

Step 3. Your work is done now it’s our time to help you with this. Our customer support will have a look at the details and will contact you with the best solution.

Step 4. If you qualify the conditions, we will send you a new Painting without any cost.

It’s insane, This will cost your company a lot of money!

Most people think the same. But DIYPaintingo is dedicated to making the customers happy. We are one of the best paintings companies around the world at this time. Just because of some amazing customers like you. You are our world and we can do whatever we can to make our customers happy. 

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