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Kid Custom Paint By Number

Paint By Number

With Own Photo

Unlimited design options with custom Paint By Number for Adults. We have the most custom photo Paint By Number options.



Multiple Options for Own Custom Paint By Number

We are the only website that provide multiple options for your custom Paint By Number. 

You can get your own photo Paint By Number in a unique style. Some of our famous custom style are listed below

Urban Night Landscape DIY Painting By Numbers


Paint by number

What is Paint By Number?

In this type of painting we use acrylic paint and brushes to paint on canvas. The canvas has the painting outline with number marked for each color.

We also have color pigment with number labeled on them. Paint by number is suitable for all age groups. We sell Paint By Number for Adults for kids and all the age groups. You can check our collection for more details.

To know the result of your custom paint by number please refer to the below image. Drag the line to see the result instantly.


Baby Paint By NumberBabya



How to Order Custom Paint By Number?

First of all visit to Custom Paint By Number for Adults product page.

After it select the canvas size according to your choice(we recommend minimum 40x50cm).

Now upload your photo for which you want to get the paint by numbers kit.


Paint by Number kit Includes?

Our Paint by Number kits have high quality tools.

  • High-quality Canvas
  • Nature friendly color pigments.
  • 3 Brushes, hangers and screws 


Get started with Paint by Number

Step #1 First of all order a kit that you like the most. If you are not able to find your favorite design you can get custom paint by number.

Step #2 Always work on clean and clutter free environment.


Decorate your wall with your paint by number.

Step #3 Now fill up the whole canvas with the colors corresponds to the pigments.

Step #4 Frame your painting and decorate your bedroom wall with this.

Join the World of Paint By Number Artists

How to do Paint By Number? Step By Step Guide

This article is beginner friendly, if you are a professional then you can also have a look at this article and give us some suggestions in the comment section below.

We are splitting this guide in three major sections for better understanding.

  1. Before start working on your kit
  2. Preparing your canvas
  3. Getting started with your kit

~ Before start working on your PBN kit ~

We are writing some must do works before starting your painting. Please follow the below instruction to make your PBN journey awesome.

  • Get a comfortable table or desk for your painting. Paint by number is a little bit longer task, so we highly recommend you to get a comfortable desk for you. Because you can’t paint in a single position for a long. Changing the position will help you to get relax while painting.
  • Remove all the clutter from the table and room. If your room is messy then we suggest you clean it first before starting the painting. Because if your canvas falls off your clothes or something else they can catch some colors.
  • Find a well lit and comfortable room. Paint by number canvas has a lot of small spaces marked on it. So we suggest you get a magnifying glass or good lighting in the room. Good lighting will help you to see the canvas clearly.
  • Always take a photo of your canvas. This is a permanent reference for your canvas. Canvas photo will help you to zoom into the canvas and to look back at it if you filled the wrong color in a box.
  • Get a water bowl, a clean cloth or paper towel. Water will help you to keep your brushes moisturised. We highly recommend you to clean the brush every time when you change the color, by doing this you will not mix up two colors and the effect will be better.

~ Preparing your Canvas ~

If you know about preparing your canvas you can skip to the next section. Or if you want to know about it, just stick with us.

We highly recommend you to frame your canvas before starting the painting. Because painting on a stretched canvas is easier than the normal canvas. But it is up to you if you want to frame you can do otherwise you can do without framing it as well.

If you want to know more about the framing you can read our guide on framing paintings.


Always use combination of easel stand and table while painting. Because painting only on easel stand can lead us to shoulder and neck pain and only using table for painting can make our neck sore.
So we highly recommend you to use the combination of both.

~ Getting Started with your PBN Kit ~

Paint by number was started for kids, to build more creativity in them.
Because it is one of the simplest painting patterns right now.
But now it is more popular in Adults. So let’s get started with our tutorial from the basics.

Overview of key ideas min

How to Get Started with Paint By Number?

Let's have a look at step by step procedure and tools required for paint by number.

Time Needed: 1 hour, 30 minutes

Required items (Included in Kit)

Paint By Number Canvas
Paint Lid

Tools Required

3 Size Brushes (Included)
Clean Cloth (Not Included)
Frame (Optional)

Step By Step Procedure

Step 1: Purchase your Favorite Design

This is obvious that you have to purchase a painting to get started with your journey.
We have selected thousands of Amazing and best selling designs for you to get started.
We suggest you go through all the designs and select the best design for you. You can have a look below at our collection

All Paint By Numbers Designs

We are confident that you will find your favorite design in our store.

If you are still not able to find your best design or want to make a painting with your own photo then we can help you with this as well.

Simple purchase a custom painting by numbers from our store.

paint by numbers kits contains

Step 2: Opening and Understanding the Canvas

Once you received your product please open it carefully. It contains a high-quality canvas which has some numbers marked on it. These numbers refer to a color.

The Color supply pigments and the numbers on the canvas will be the same. So please have a look at the below image to know how to read the canvas properly.
As you can see in this picture that canvas and pigments both have a number marked on them. So we need to fill up the color corresponding to each number.

For example, In the picture, we have marked number 14 on both pigment and canvas, which means we have to fill the color in the pigment 14 on the canvas where we have number 14 marked on it.

how to paint by numbers

Step 3: Unroll the Canvas

We have to unroll the canvas on a flat surface like a table or floor to get started. If your canvas doesn’t lay flat you need to roll it back to the other side and then open it again. According to our suggestion, you should stick this canvas to a table because of this painting will take time to complete. And working on a table will be easier for you as well.
Unroll the canvas

Step 4: Get all the Accessories on the Table

This will make your painting process faster because having all the things near you will help you to speed up your work. Get all the pigments, brushes and canvas on a single place.
paint by numbers kit

Step 5: Shake the Pigment Well

Before starting the Painting you should shake the color pigment well Just like cough syrup. This will help to mix the color very well.

painting by number

Step 6: Get Some water in a cup and a piece of Cloth

We are working on multiple colors. So we need to wash the brushes, again and again, that’s why we need water and to dry the brush we need a cloth or cotton.
wash brushes

Step 7: Use the Brushes Accordingly

We have provided you 3 different sized brushes. Please use those brush accordingly. If you have to paint on a small size we suggest you use the smallest brush and if the area is bigger then you can use the biggest brush.
Brushes sizes

Step 8: Complete your Paint By Numbers for Adults

This is the final step to complete your painting with the numbers. Fill up the canvas with all the colors marked on it.
We send some extra colors in pigments to make sure that your color will not go out of stock before the painting is finished.


Step 9: Frame the Painting and Hang on the Wall

Now your painting is completed, this is the time to showcase your work. Simply frame this Painting with the DIY Frame and hang on the wall. Paint with Number will take your home decor to the next
City in the Night DIY Paint By Number

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to use Gesso on my paint by number kit?

Gesso is a primer for painting canvas to make it smoother and absorbent. Using gesso or not is totally up to you, but we don’t recommend you to use it on our kits.
Because it may smudge your PBN kit lines and make you run out of the color due to more absorbent property.

Should I use Clear gesso or White Gesso?

We only suggest you to use clear gesso because if you use white gesso on our kits it will cover the lines and number on the canvas. Now you will have a simple canvas no marks and lines on it.

How do I stretch my paint by number canvas?

Stretching your canvas is a very simple task simply but a little bit tricky. Please line up the border of the painting before stretching the canvas on the frame.
Because if you don’t stretch it properly you can lose a small part of your painting.

Where to buy Paint by Number?

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