How to Get Started with Paint By Numbers?

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Do you know Paint By Numbers started in 1923? Don’t you believe? Really we are not lying. It started the first time in 1923.

Obviously, we didn’t start it but we are now one of the best company around the world which provides Paint By Numbers Kits for Adults and Kids as well.

But we know you are not here to read about history, am I right? Don’t worry we have given a full tutorial for you to getting started with Painting by Numbers.

This article is beginner friendly, if you are a professional then you can also have a look. Painting by Numbers was started for kids, to build more creativity in them.
Because it is one of the simplest painting patterns right now. But now Painting By Numbers is more popular in Adults. So let’s get started with our tutorial from the basics.

How to get Started with Paint By Numbers?

We also have a DIY Frame option with most of the paintings. Have you heard About Diamond Paintings? We also have an amazing tutorial on getting started with Diamond Paintings as well.

How to Get Started with Paint By Numbers?

Time needed: 30 minutes.

Getting started with Painting by number is not a hard task. But if you want to take care of all of the things then you must follow this step by step tutorial.

  1. Purchase your Favourite Paint by Numbers Design

    This is obvious that you have to purchase a Paint by Number painting to get started with your journey.
    We have selected thousands of Amazing and best selling designs for you to get started.
    We suggest you go through all the design and select the best design for you. You can have a look below at some Abstract designs.

    Check Out Abstract art!

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    This is just a Demo you Can see all the Products by accessing the below link.

    Paint By Numbers All Designs

    We are confident that you will find your favorite design in our store.

    If you are still not able to find your best design or want to make a painting with your own photo then we can help you with this as well.

    Simple have a look at the below product to make your custom painting by numbers.

    Get Custom Paint By Numbers!

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    You simply need to Upload your beautiful painting to get your customized Oil Painting.Paint By Numbers Kit Contains

  2. Opening and Understanding the Canvas

    Once you received your product please open it carefully. It contains a high-quality canvas which has some numbers marked on it. These numbers refer to a color.
    The Color supply pigments and the numbers on the canvas will be the same. So please have a look at the below image to know how to read the canvas properly.
    As you can see in this picture that canvas and pigments both have a number marked on them. So we need to fill up the color corresponding to each number.
    For example, In the picture, we have marked number 14 on both pigment and canvas, which means we have to fill the color in the pigment 14 on the canvas where we have number 14 marked on it. getting Started with Paint By Numbers

  3. Unroll the Canvas

    We have to unroll the canvas on a flat surface like a table or floor to get started. If your Canvas Doesn’t lay flat you need to roll it back to the other side and then open it again.
    According to our suggestion, you should stick this canvas to a table because of this painting will take time to complete. And working on a table will be easier for you as well.Unroll the canvas

  4. Get all the Accessories on the Table

    This will make your painting process faster because having all the things near you will help you to speed up your work.
    Get all the pigments, brushes and canvas on a single place.All accessories of Paint By Number

  5. Shake the Pigment Well

    Before starting the Painting you should shake the color pigment well Just like cough syrup. This will help to mix the color very well.Shake well pigment

  6. Get Some water in a cup and a piece of Cloth

    We are working on multiple colors. So we need to wash the brushes, again and again, that’s why we need water and to dry the brush we need a cloth or cotton.Wash Brushes

  7. Use the Brushes Accordingly

    We have provided you 3 different sized brushes. Please use those brush accordingly.
    If you have to paint on a small size we suggest you use the smallest brush and if the area is bigger then you can use the biggest brush. Painting By Number

  8. Complete your Paint By Number

    This is the final step to complete your painting with the numbers. Fill up the canvas with all the colors marked on it.
    We send some extra colors in pigments to make sure that your color will not go out of stock before the painting is finished.Complete the Paint By Number

  9. Frame the Painting and Hang on the Wall

    Now your painting is completed, this is the time to showcase your work. Simply frame this Painting with the DIY Frame and hang on the wall.
    Painting with Numbers will take your home decor to the next Level For sure.Paint By Number By PaintingsCart

We hope that you loved our article, How to Get Started with Paint By Numbers? If you have any suggestion or you have any question you are welcomed, Please write to us on [email protected].

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