Women And Horse - LED Diamond Painting
Women And Horse – LED Diamond Painting
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Women And Horse – LED Diamond Painting

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Why should you do DIY Paintings?

You may experienced anxiety and stress in your life. That is very frustrating time when we don’t want to talk to anyone. At that time these DIY paintings will be your friend. Let’s have a look at other advantages of doing Diamond Painting or Paint by Number –

  • DIY Paintings are the best way to remove stress and anxietyBefore-and-After
  • Show your creativity to friends, family and get compliments.
  • Fill up your life with positive thoughts.

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FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE. Do you like Paintings? If yes, then this amazing Women And Horse – LED Diamond Painting should be your next purchase. Take your home decor to the next level with LED Diamond Paintings.

PaintingsCart Presents – LED Diamond Paintings

We hope you are familiar with the 5D diamond paintings. LED Diamond paintings are the upgraded version of normal Diamond paintings. We have embedded the LED lighting in the painting frame so that your diamond painting can glow in the night or in the Day time as well.

LED 5D Diamond paintings are pre-framed on a high-quality wooden box and all the lights are already installed in the painting. You just need to complete it as the normal diamond painting and put 3 (AA) or for some model 3 (AAA) and your painting is ready to Glow.


Let’s Have a Look on LED Diamond Paintings

Product information – LED Diamond Paintings

  • Premium Quality Canvas – Canvas is already fixed on Frame
  • High-Quality Super shiny Diamonds 
  • All other tools like Glue Pad + Pens are Included 
  • Special Diamonds + Imported Wood frame + LED Lightings

LED Diamond Paintings FAQs

Q. Can we plug this into an outlet?

A. No, These LED lighting can only work with 3 (AA) Batteries.


Q. Does it come with a Frame?

A. Yes, Painting is already mounted on the high-quality wooden frame and LED lightings are also installed in the frame.


Q. Do it come with an On/Off Switch?

A. Yes, there is on/off button on the side of the frame.