A Comprehensive Guide to  paint by numbers

What is Paint by Numbers?

As the name suggests you have to paint according to the numbers marked on canvas and color pots.

Step 1:

Purchase your favorite design

To get started purchase a design from our collection that you liked the most.

You will get all the accessories and tools in the kit

Package contains

1. High -quality linen canvas 2. 3 Nylon brushes 3. Nature friendly colors

Step: 2

Understanding the canvas

Understanding the canvas is very easy you have to match the number on canvas and color pot and paint accordingly.

How to draw?

Select the corresponding number

Dip the brush into the color and repeat the process with all colors

Complete the process by applying all the colors on the canvas. Don't forget to wash the brushes every time when you use a new color.

Step 3: Hang your artwork on wall

Its time to showcase your artwork to your friends and family.

Take your home décor to the next level