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How do you create a custom diamond painting? — Step-by-Step Guide

Diamond painting has become a beloved hobby for crafters who enjoy the meditative process of placing tiny resin diamonds on canvas to create colorful designs and images.

While many enjoy recreating pre-made designs, some love to customize pieces from personal photographs. Transforming cherished snapshots into stunning sparkling art is deeply meaningful.

In this article, we are explaining how custom diamond paintings are created to turn your meaningful memories into handmade heirlooms.

How do you create a custom diamond painting?

How to create custom diamond painting

Creating a custom diamond painting is a straightforward task. You can see the step-by-step process below.

Total Time: 5 minutes

  1. Selecting a Special Photo

    The first step is choosing a photo that is special to you. This is your chance to immortalize precious lifelong moments like weddings, new baby arrivals, milestone birthdays, or favorite vacation vistas.
    Select images with vibrant colors and visual depth that will lend themselves well to diamond painting. Try to upload a photo without any blur effect.

  2. Select a diamond-type

    Diamond Type selection

    Once you are done selecting the best photo for your painting. Now, it’s time to choose the diamond shape. There are two types of diamonds we offer for custom diamond painting. You can select either round diamonds or square diamonds for your artwork. You can check our article for more information on selection of the diamonds.

    Square diamonds = Provides a complete look
    Round diamonds = Shinier than square diamonds

  3. Select a perfect size.

    Canvas Size

    This step is crucial. It totally depends on you whether you want to create a bigger painting or a smaller one. If you want to get the best results, we always suggest that you should go with the bigger size.
    As per our recommendation, you should select at least a 40×50cm size for your painting. The bigger the size of the painting, the better the effect.

  4. Upload Your Photo

    Upload Photo

    Once you select the perfect photo, please upload it to the custom diamond painting page. We provide an accessible online upload portal right on their website. Be sure to pick a high-resolution image file for the most precise rendering.
    We can work with standard formats like JPEG, HEIC, PDF, PNG, or TIFF. The higher the resolution, the better it will enlarge and convert to a diamond painting format.

  5. Complete your Order

    Once you are done with all the selections, add your item to the cart. Now you should checkout with your favorite payment method. Once your order is completed, you will receive an email confirming the same. Your work is now completed. Not it’s time to process your order.

  6. Photo Enhancing and Preparation

    Once your payment is complete, we will digitally enhance your photo to optimize it for diamond painting. This involves techniques like color correction, sharpening, contrast adjustment, and touch-ups.
    Imperfections are removed and vibrancy is added to ensure an accurate diamond painting output. The photo is then cropped and sized to properly fit your selected canvas. Everything is done to maximize clarity.

  7. Rendering the Design

    Now the magic happens! Your photo goes through a digital rendering process to transform it into a detailed symbol chart for recreating with diamonds. The image is pixelated and each tiny pixel is assigned a particular diamond symbol based on color.

    Symbols are printed using up to 15 colors to match the hues and shading. Rendering the image into diamond symbols allows the painting to recreate your photo pixel-by-pixel in dazzling diamonds.

  8. Printing the Canvas

    The essential foundation of every diamond painting is the adhesive canvas printed with the symbols. Your custom design is digitally printed onto the canvas in fine detail, matching the symbol rendering chart.
    Symbols are marked in even rows using the coded shapes and colors corresponding to the diamonds. High-resolution printing ensures each character can be easily distinguished for accurate diamond placement.

  9. Order shipping

    Once your canvas is ready, we sort the diamonds and send the package to you. This package may take 9–21 days to reach you. It depends on the order quantity that we are getting per day.

  10. Recreating Your Photo with Diamonds

    Finally, the relaxing and rewarding process begins! Set up your canvas on a flat surface. Following the diamond packages, start picking up colored diamonds with the wax tool and placing them in their marked locations.
    As you fill each section, your personalized photo emerges line-by-line in shimmering diamonds. The pixels transform into a stunning, sparkling scene right before your eyes. It’s a fantastic feeling.

  11. Special Meaning and Connection

    While any diamond painting is engaging, a custom piece from a personal photograph has special meaning. Recreating images of loved ones or meaningful moments builds a powerful emotional connection.
    As you choose where to place each diamond, you reminisce on the memory and the feelings attached. The result becomes a tangible keepsake celebrating people and times central to your life.

  12. Making Memories Last

    Long after moments have passed, diamond paintings preserve them in an immortal glittering display. That wedding photo is remade as an anniversary gift for your spouse. Your child’s baby picture becomes a loving piece of art for the nursery.
    A scenic trip vista sparks nostalgia each time you see it. Custom diamond paintings allow you to relive treasured memories and honor important people through the artistic process.

  13. Gifting Significant Creations

    What better gift than a custom diamond painting made from a photo holding mutual significance? Surprise your parents with a picture of their wedding day. Send a heartfelt piece to long-distance relatives of a shared family vacation.
    New pet owners will adore a sparkling portrait of their furry friend. The profoundly personal gesture will move anyone you create a custom painting for.

  14. Artifact of Your Life’s Story

    Our photos capture the pivotal moments, places, and people that shape our life’s journey. Turning them into diamond art immortalizes their role in your story.
    Displaying custom pieces daily surrounds you in shining reminders of the adventures, laughs, and joy that make your life meaningful. They become dazzling artifacts of all you hold dear. With every glance back, I appreciate the path so far.

Estimated Cost: 40 USD


  • Canvas
  • Diamonds


  • Tweezers tools

So these are the steps that you should follow to get a sparkling artwork with your photos. The steps and process are very easy, you can easily complete a diamond painting in 3-4 days(depending on the size).

To recap, the steps of creating custom diamond paintings from photos include:

  1. Selecting a meaningful high-resolution photo
  2. Submitting the image to the painting company
  3. Photo enhancement and preparation
  4. Rendering the image into diamond symbols
  5. Printing the symbols onto the canvas
  6. Sorting all the diamonds by color
  7. Assembling the kit with tools
  8. Packaging it up for an exciting reveal
  9. Reconstructing the image with diamonds
  10. Cherishing your custom creation!

Transforming snapshots into glittering artwork makes memories last forever. A custom diamond painting becomes more than just a craft project – it’s an heirloom to treasure always. Let images of those you love to shine through the years in 10,000 tiny diamonds!

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