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Diamond art Painting
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diamond painting

Diamond Paintings

Diamond painting is a craft hobby where you apply tiny colored resin diamonds to a canvas to create colorful designs and patterns. The canvas has an adhesive coating that lets the diamonds stick in place.

As you fill in the pattern, you gradually create a colorful mosaic-like image on the canvas. Diamond paintings come as kits with the canvas, diamonds, and tools included. They often depict designs like animals, flowers, landscapes, or mosaic abstract patterns.

Best Selling Diamond Paintings

Custom Diamond Painting 1ds 1

Custom Diamond Painting 

If you want to customize your photo as a sparkling diamond artwork, you can do that as well.

Paint by Numbers

Paint by numbers is a DIY painting kit that allows anyone to create a painting, even with no artistic skill. To create the painting, you simply paint each numbered area on the canvas with the matching numbered paint color.

By filling in the different numbered sections with the correct color, you will end up with a complete painting. The end result will look like what the original printed picture was intended to be.

Paint By numbers

Best Selling Paint by Numbers

Custom Paint by Numbers

Photographs are overrated. Turn your photos into amazing artworks with paint by numbers.

Malen nach Zahlen Foto | Eigenes Bild | Personalisiert

Peel Paintings

Dive into the new world of DIY paintings with peel paintings. Customize your photo now.

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