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Diamond Paintings

Diamond painting

What is Diamond Painting?

In this type of painting we use diamond like beads as paint and diamond applicator pens as brushes, so we call it diamond painting. We paste all the gemstone beads on the canvas using the pen tool.

People also call it gemstone painting, diamond embroidery, and diamond cross-stitch. read Diamond Painting Tutorial

square vs round

Square vs Round Diamonds?

Square diamond kits are full drill (whole canvas is filled with diamonds) but less shiny. But Round diamond kits are partial drill and don’t cover the whole canvas but more shiny.

Our customers prefers Square drill over Round drill kits.

Square vs Round


Difference between 5D and 3D diamonds

It is all about the facets on the diamonds. If a gemstone have five facets it is called 5D diamond and if it have three facets it is called 3D diamonds.

5D diamonds are shiny then 3D diamonds. Most of our kits have 5D diamonds only.

package includes

What is included in the diamond painting kit?

We send high-quality tools with each kit.

  • Self adhesive canvas
  • Diamond applicator + Tweezers + Glue + Tray
  • Small labeled Diamonds in zipping Pouch


Do you want to get a diamond painting with your own photo or any custom design? If yes, then this section is for you.

Now you can customize diamond paintings with your own photos and can do experiment with your photos with our exclusive custom diamond painting services.

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Paint By number

Starry night in the City | Painting By numbers

What is Paint by Number?

In this type of painting we use acrylic paint and brushes to paint on canvas. The canvas has the painting outline with number marked for each color. We also have color pigment with number labeled on them.

Paint by numbers is suitable for all age groups. To know more please read how to get started with paint by numbers

What is included in paint by number kits

Paint by Numbers kit Includes? 

Our Paint by Number kits have high quality tools.

  • High-quality Canvas
  • Nature friendly color pigments.
  • 3 Brushes, hangers and screws 
Paint by Number how to

Get started with Paint by Number

Step #1 First of all order a kit that you like the most. If you are not able to find your favorite design you can get custom paint by number.

Step #2 Always work on clean and clutter free environment. 

Wheat Field Unique Style DIY Paint With Number painting

Decorate your wall with your paint by number.

Step #3 Now fill up the whole canvas with the colors corresponds to the pigments.

Step #4 Frame your painting and decorate your bedroom wall with this.


Custom Paint by number kits

Are you looking for Paint by Number Kits for your own designs? Don’t worry now you can create custom Paint by Number kit with PaintingsCart.

Now you can customize Paint By Numbers with your own photos and can do experiment with your photos. 

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Painting with Diamonds is a very relaxing hobby. All credits to PaintingsCart where I learned to paint with diamonds. The quality of the diamond paintings Provided by PaintingsCart was amazing. Highly Recommended..

I read about PaintingsCart in a Facebook Post and I purchased some custom diamond painting from them. The quality of the canvas was amazing. Now PaintingsCart is My Permanent painting partner. Thank you

I had ordered some Paint By Numbers from PaintingsCart and I was amazed to see the Color and canvas quality. Once I received some less colors for my paintings and they replaced the entire kit. That experience was amazing. I just in love with PaintingsCart.

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