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Diamond Painting Care 101: Framing, Storage, and Protection

I know the feelings when you’ve just completed your first diamond painting or added a new one to your collection. Now, you want to be sure your dazzling artwork remains shiny, sparkling, and protected for years.

Diamond paintings require some special care due to the materials used. I am sharing some of the tips I use that you can follow to ensure that your diamond painting artwork will last for years.

Diamond Painting Care 101: Framing, Storage, and Protection

Follow these tips on framing, storage, handling, and more to keep your designs looking as stunning as the day they were finished.

Preserving Your Masterpiece: A Diamond Painting Care Guide

Now you are done with your diamond art and want to show this artwork to your friends and family. I know the excitement levels that you are feeling right now. But wait, I suggest you take a look at some suggestions that you must follow to preserve your painting!

1. Choosing a Frame

Framing is the best way to showcase and safeguard a completed diamond painting. Choose a high-quality frame designed for your artwork. A shadowbox-style structure perfectly keeps the canvas flattened and the diamonds secure. You can also get some DIY frames for your painting. As you know diamond paintings are on the heavier side, so we recommend you to get your artwork framed by a professional.

Diamond Painting Framing

If you are good at DIY, you can also use DIY frames. Once you select the frame, it’s time to choose the glass or acrylic sheet to cover the painting. Look for a frame with UV-protected glass or acrylic to prevent fading.

Due to the heavy nature of diamond artwork, use high-quality hinges to hang your painting.

2. Sealing the Diamond Painting Canvas

I always seal the painting with a protective coating before framing. This locks in the diamonds and provides a smooth finish. Sealing the diamond painting also makes it dust-resistant. Due to this, the life of diamond painting increases exponentially.


Mod Podge or craft sealants like Triple Thick are ideal diamond painting sealants. Apply a generous layer using even, overlapping strokes. Let it dry completely before framing to prevent moisture damage. Sealing prevents the diamonds from being disturbed in the frame. Check out how to seal a diamond painting guide to know more.

3. Proper Rolling and Unrolling Technique

If you are working on multiple projects and want to roll your canvas you should do it properly. Many diamond painters prefer to roll up their canvases when not working on them. This is a great way to protect your artwork, but it’s essential to do it right.

When rolling your canvas, roll it with the gemstone side facing outward to prevent creases and damage. Be gentle, and don’t roll it too tightly, as that could cause the adhesive to lose its effectiveness.

4. Handling with Care

Diamond paintings are durable but still require gentle handling, especially during framing. Try to keep contact only with the blank outer edges of the canvas. This prevents the diamonds from being bumped out of alignment. It would be best if you kept in mind the below pointers.

  • Never place unprotected paintings face down.
  • Keep dirt, dust, and moisture away from the surface when handling.
  • Avoid over-stretching the canvas as a result, some diamonds may be displaced.

5. Avoiding Direct Sunlight

Whether framed or unframed, always keep diamond paintings out of direct sunlight. The focused light and UV rays can cause fading, especially for images with bright colors. Maintain color vibrancy by displaying them in controlled, indirect lighting. North or east-facing walls are ideal hang locations away from intense southern or western sun exposure.

The canvas also consists of the glue on its layer. If we expose the canvas or painting to the direct sunlight there will be a huge impact on the adhesive of the canvas.

6. Diamond Loss Prevention

No matter how careful, it’s not uncommon for a few diamonds to loosen or fall out, especially when you transport your painting from one location to another. Before sealing and framing, gently press over the entire canvas to reset any slightly lifted diamonds. If gaps are apparent, use extra diamonds based on the legend symbol. Applying the sealant will further strengthen diamond adhesion.

7. Cleaning Methods

Despite protection from sealing and framing, diamond paintings may need occasional gentle cleaning. Keep them dust-free by using a soft brush to whisk away particles. Fingerprints can be dabbed with a microfiber cloth.

  • Never spray cleaners directly onto a painting.
  • Dampen the cloth and gently wipe.
  • Avoid excessive moisture that could get under diamonds.
  • Spot clean only when required.

8. Storing Unframed Pieces

I generally have more than 5 unframed paintings at my house awaiting framing, so for me proper storage is a must. I wrap the completed canvas around a soft cardboard clinical pipe or foam core backing for protection and place it inside a resealable poly bag or sleeve, removing excess air.

We should stay flat and away from dirt, moisture, and extreme temperatures. If you are storing it for a long time, check periodically for lifting diamonds. If you find any loose diamond, use another diamond and place it on the area.

9. Protecting from Dust and Dirt

Dust particles, pet hair, smoke, and other airborne contaminants can cling to diamond paintings over time. Frames and display cases provide the first line of defense. Where not enclosed, routinely dust diamond paintings with a soft brush. Don’t use chemical-laden dusters near paintings. Keep them away from kitchens, fireplaces, and other sources of grime. Handle gently to avoid the transfer of dirt and oils from your hands.

10. Protect Your Work-in-Progress

While you’re working on your diamond painting, it’s vulnerable to accidental damage. It would be best to consider covering your artwork project with a protective film when you’re not working on it. This prevents dust, pet hair, or other particles from settling on the sticky surface. You can use the plastic cover with most diamond painting kits or invest in a more giant, resealable plastic bag for added protection.

With care, attention, and these preservation methods, your completed diamond paintings can maintain their original beauty for many years. Follow the guidelines for gentle handling, sealing, framing, storage, and display to protect your artwork. Diamond paintings are treasured keepsakes when cared for properly. With just some maintenance and protection, you’ll admire their sparkling glory for a lifetime!

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