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Seal Diamond Painting Like a Pro | The Cheapest way

We know that completing a painting is a little bit long task and can take up to 1 month. By the way, it depends on your Speed. But what after completing the Diamond painting? We suggest you seal Diamond Painting once you completed it.

Our Canvas is high quality and has super adhesive glue on that but still, we recommend you use a diamond painting sealer. Because sealing will make an extra protection layer on your artwork.


As time goes, everyone wants that their diamond artwork will look as new as they completed it today. In this article, we are going to provide tell you how to seal the diamond painting.

If you haven’t purchased a diamond painting for Halloween grab it now on sale.

Watch the below video to have a look at the sealing process or if you want to read a step by step process please continue reading this post.

To make it cheapest we are using old paint brush to apply the mod podge on the canvas. So you just need to invest less than $10 and your diamond painting sealing will be done.

Types of diamond Painting Sealers

There are two types of sealant

  1. Sealers that can be applied through Brushes
  2. Sealers that can be applied through Sprays

Let’s have a look at the Sealers that can be applied through Brushes

Brush-On Sealer

1st Diamond Painting Sealer copy

Brush-on sealers are the best sealant to prevent your diamond painting from any type of damage and this will definitely increase the life span of your diamond painting. You can choose shiny or Matt brush on the sealer that is all your choice.

Buy Brush On Sealer


  • Water-resistant
  • Can be used for other things like wood sealing as well
  • Dust Proof
  • You can mount your Painting without the Glass Frame


  • Your diamonds will lose some shine after sealing
  • You won’t be able to roll up your painting

Spray Sealers

Spray On Sealer

Spray sealer is totally different from the Brush-on sealer. These are used to give a crystal clear and shiny finish to the diamond painting. But the Didn’t fill the space between the diamonds like the Brush-on Sealers.

Sealing diamond painting with a mod podge is a super easy task. If you are thinking that which mod podge should you buy to seal diamond painting. Then here is a link below for the product that we always use.

Buy Spray Sealer


  • This helps you to make your diamond sparkle for a long time.
  • Waterproof
  • Dries Quickly
  • You can roll up the finished canvas


  • Gaps between the Diamonds will not be filled
  • Less dust resistant

How to Seal Diamond Painting?

Sealing a diamond painting is a straightforward task. Get the best sealing solution according to your choice and read the steps below

Total Time: 30 minutes

Set All diamonds Properly


This is a must-do step for each of your diamond painting. As we suggested in our Diamond painting tutorial that you should put some weight on the diamond painting for a night or you can use a roller to flatten out the canvas.
You should make sure that all of your diamonds are completely flat and locked properly on the canvas.

Dip the brush tip in the Sealer Jar

dip the brush

Its time to open the Sealant jar that you purchased and Dipping the brush into the sealing solution properly. You can use any painting brush of 2-inch size or any other size according to your Diamond Painting size.

Apply the Sealer on the Diamond painting  

apply the sealer

This is the last step in Diamond painting sealing with a brush-on Sealer. Now start applying the sealer on the diamond painting at first this will look like glue but it will be more transparent when it dries properly.
Please apply a thick layer of the sealer.

Hang your Diamond Painting

Hang the diamond painting on wall

It’s time to showcase your artwork. After the sealer dries you can hang this painting to increase the beauty of your house.

Hello, dear reader, this is the proper method to seal diamond painting. If you want to give any suggestions you are welcomed in the comment section.

Please read the Faqs below to solve your queries

Can We Use Sealer for partial Drill Kits or Special Shaped Kits?

Yes, you can use the sealer on any type of kit. But we suggest you get the smaller brush for this kind of kits.
Because we don’t want to put the sealant on the part of the canvas that has no diamonds.

Can We Use sealer for Round drill kits?  

Yes, as we suggested that you can use the Sealer on any kind of diamond painting kit.
Sealing the round diamond kit is just as well as square Drill.

How to Clean the Sealed Diamond Painting?  

You can simply clean the sealed diamond painting with a clean cloth with less pressure

Which sealant is the best for diamond painting Sealing?

This is totally a personal priority that you want to use the brush on sealers or the spray on sealer. Both of them works fine.
If you will never fold your diamond painting then we suggest you to go with brush on sealer.
If you think that you will have to fold your diamond painting some times then we suggest you to go with spray on sealer.

What to do with finished diamond painting?

The first thing that you should do after finishing the diamond painting is sealing the diamond painting. Because sealant will increase the lifespan of your painting and protect it from dust and other bad situations.
After sealing diamond painting we suggest you to frame it.

We hope that these tips about sealing diamond painting helped you a lot. Thanks for reading.


  1. Barbara Finkley

    Where can you get the Hodge Podge sealer & brush?

    1. Hello Dear, You can get it easily at your nearest Walmart


    1. This is expected dear. You will lose some glitter look and we are sorry to say that there is no going back.

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