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Framing Storage and Protection

Diamond Painting Care 101: Framing, Storage, and Protection

I know the feelings when you’ve just completed your first diamond painting or added a new one to your collection. Now, you want to be sure your dazzling artwork remains shiny, sparkling, and protected for years. Diamond paintings require some special care due to the materials used. I am sharing some of the tips I […]

Diamond Painting Tips and tricks

Diamond Painting Tips and Tricks – Secret Revealed

Diamond painting has become a trendy craft hobby in recent years. The repetitive motions of placing the tiny resin diamonds onto adhesive canvas can be meditative and relaxing. With some practice and knowledge of techniques, even beginners can create works of art that look professional. If you’re new to diamond painting or looking to refine […]

Crafting Calm How Diamond Painting Can Ease Your Mind

Crafting Calm | How Diamond Painting Can Ease Your Mind

Hello, we all feel some pressure and tension in our lives these days. Life today often feels fast and nervous and full of pressures that leave us drained. We all need some kind of activity that can reduce stress and renew our sense of calm. Diamond painting has emerged as a popular craft hobby with […]

21 Paint By Numbers Tips and Hacks you Should Know

21 Paint By Numbers Tips and Hacks You Should Know

Paint by numbers has become a trendy hobby for both adults and children. There’s something satisfying about watching a blank canvas slowly transform into a beautiful work of art, all with your hands. However, painting by numbers can also be frustrating if you don’t have the right supplies and techniques. In this article, I am […]

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