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Custom Diamond Painting

Diamond Painting

With Own Photo

Unlimited design options with custom diamond paintings. We have the most custom photo diamond painting options.



Multiple Options for Own Custom Diamond Painting

We are the only website that provide multiple options for your custom diamond painting. 

You can get your own photo diamond painting in a unique style. Some of our famous custom style are listed below




What is Diamond Painting?

Diamond painting is an upgrade to cross-stitch or we can say that this is a perfect blend of cross-stitch and Paint by Numbers. In diamond painting we use diamond like beads as paint and diamond applicator pens as brushes, so we call it diamond painting.

We paste all the gemstone beads or can say Diamond Dotz on the canvas using the pen tool. People also call it gemstone painting, diamond embroidery, Diamond Dotz Art, Diamond Art Club and diamond cross-stitch.

You can check how a normal photo will look like after diamond painting on this page below.



This example is a 30x50CM Diamond Dotz Kits. We suggest you to go with at least 40x50cm size for better effect of the painting.


Custom Diamond Painting

How to Order Custom Diamond Painting?

First of all visit to the custom diamond Dotz kits product page. After it select your preferred diamond shape.

Now select the canvas size (We recommend minimum 40x50cm). After it upload the picture that you want to get custom painting for. Now add to cart and proceed with checkout.

square vs round

Square vs Round Diamonds?

Square diamond kits are full drill (whole canvas is filled with diamonds) but less shiny. But Round diamond kits are partial drill and don’t cover the whole canvas but more shiny.

Our customers prefers Square drill over Round drill kits.


Difference between 5D and 3D diamonds

It is all about the facets on the diamonds. If a gemstone have five facets it is called 5D diamond and if it have three facets it is called 3D diamonds.

5D diamonds are shiny then 3D diamonds. Most of our kits have 5D diamonds only.


What is included in the diamond painting kit?

We send high-quality tools with each kit.

  • Self adhesive canvas
  • Diamond applicator + Tweezers + Glue + Tray
  • Small labeled Diamonds in zipping Pouch

Join the World of new Relaxing Hobby

Diamond Painting tutorial

How to do Diamond Painting? Step By Step Guide

Are you new to diamond painting? yeah! We knew it, that you are an amazing artist who wants to explore the new era of paintings that is called Diamond Painting.

Diamond painting is a new era of painting that is a combination of cross stitch and paint by numbers.

Diamond painting is started in 2013. It requires no knowledge of painting and it is more fun and relaxing than the old cross stitch methods. You can say it the best alternative to the cross-stitch.

In this type of painting, you have to apply some tiny diamond or gemstones to a DMC- coded super adhesive canvas to create beautiful and shiny art.

Diamond dotz is getting popular day by day because this type of painting is very relaxing and the best hobby for your free time.

So in this article, we are providing an ultimate tutorial for getting started with diamond dotz art. If you are familiar with this, still we recommend reading this article because we have covered some amazing tips for you that can save you time and effort.

We are discussing all the steps you need to get started with your diamond dotz art.

Do you know?Paint By Numbers is also most selling in the Art and Paintings category.

Some people call it gemstone painting or diamond dotz but we call them diamond paintings. There are many shapes available for these diamonds, like square, circle, etc. 

Diamond Painting Guide

How to do Diamond Paint?

As you know we are one of the best diamond Art stores now. We hope that you know about paint with a diamond. But if you don't know about it. No worries, we are here to tell you about this.

Time Needed: 2 hours

What You Need (Included in Kit)

Diamond Painting Canvas
Flat Surface

Tools Required (Included in Kit)

Wax Pen
Tweezers Tool
Gel/Wax pad

Step By Step Procedure

Step 1: Buy Your Favorite Diamond Painting Kit

This is the first step to getting started with your diamond painting. You need to select your favorite design that you want to convert into a diamond art.
We have already thousands of selected diamond paintings in our.

So have a look at all the amazing products and shop the most liked by you. If you didn’t find your design or want to make a diamond painting with your own picture then we have that option as well.

Now you can order a customize diamond Art with your custom picture.

Get the Diamond Paintings Supplies

Step 2: Open and Understand the Canvas

Once you received the product please open it carefully. You will get a printed canvas with your amazing picture made with some small boxes.

Those boxes are colored and labeled with a number or some icons. The size of the box and diamond are the same.

Each number or icon that is printed on the canvas corresponds to the gemstone color. There is a chart given on the side of the canvas which shows all the relation between diamond and the colored box.

The below picture explains this step.Each diamond packing has some unique number slip on it.

Now in this example, we selected Red-colored packing which has code 4-327-460 on it.

- 4-327 is number of the Packing

- 105 is the quantity of the diamonds used in painting

It means we need to fill these diamonds on the box with corresponds number 4.

How to diamond paint

Step 3: Unroll The Canvas

The can should be un-rolled on a flat surface if the canvas doesn't lay flat then you should roll it back the other way, then unroll it.

Now put this canvas on a flat surface like a table where you can put all the accessories near you. This will help you to speed up your diamond painting making process.

Unroll the Canvas

Step 4: Peel off the covering of canvas

We use high-quality adhesives on the canvas so that the diamonds can stick on the canvas properly and for a very long time.

We suggest you complete your painting in parts and you should peel off a small part of covering.Most of over kits come we pre-cut covering strips.

So we suggest you peel off the strips one by one so that the adhesive will not catch the dust.

Peel of the covering

Step 5: Pour out the first color from the Diamond Packing

Now, this is the time to getting started with diamonds.

Just have a look at the part of the canvas which you exposed just now and see which color code have the maximum quantity.

Now grab the corresponding number diamond packing and pour our some Sparkling 5D diamonds.Some of our premium kits have 2-3 trays in the packing.

We suggest you take out two colors at the same time to speed up the Process.

pour out some diamonds

Step 6: Shake the Diamond Tray

Once you have diamonds in your tray you simply need to give a shake to the tray so that the diamonds can adjust themselves and you can easily pick them up using the painting Pen.

Please see the picture below  As you can see in the picture that shaking the diamond tray will help you to pick up the gemstones easily.

shake the tray

Step 7: Use of Pen and Wax/Gel

You will get a Pen and some wax in the package. Now open up the packet of the wax or gel and dip the end of the pen into the gel.

This will help the pen to pick up the Gemstones beads easily. Now you can repeat this process if the pen loses the Wax.

Diamond Painting Pen

Step 8: Start Painting on the Canvas with the pen

Now, this is the time to pick up your first diamond bead with a pen and apply the beads on the sticky canvas on the right place. You need to gently press the pen on the top of the diamond to pick it up.

Once the bead is picked up now its time to apply the diamond on the corresponding square on the canvas. You need to gently press the diamond on the canvas to get it stuck with the canvas. Now your first diamond is stuck on the Canvas.

Pickup The Diamonds

Step 9: Fill the remaining section of the Painting

We suggest you work with one or two colors at a time. You can refill the wax in the pen as needed.

Now repeat step 8 again and again and complete your beautiful diamond painting. Fill up all the square with the corresponding colors and you will be ready to see you diamond Painting soon.

Fill up the Full Canvas

Step 10: Press the Loose Diamonds

In the process of completing the painting if there is any loose diamond then we have to press it again to get stuck against the canvas.

To do this task easily you can take a cylindrical object and can roll on the canvas.If you still have some diamonds that are loose. You need to press them with the pen again.

Finish the Diamond Painting work

Step 11: Put Heavy books on Canvas

To make the bond of diamond and canvas strongest you need to put some heavy stuff on the top of the canvas.

You need to put the canvas on a flat surface and stack some Heavy book or any heavy object which has a flat surface on the top of the canvas.

Put the heavy books on the Canvas

Step 12: Frame your amazing painting

Now, this is the time to make your painting more beautiful. Simply frame your canvas with a high-quality Frame.

We also have some pre-framed diamond Painting with LED Lights inbuilt, you can check those paintings here.

Frame your Diamond Painting

Step 13: Hang On the wall

Woohoo!! Now your 5D Diamond painting is ready. Its time to hang this amazing art on the wall of your Living room or bedroom.

Hang the diamond painting on wall

Have a look at the Video Tutorial

Square Vs Round Diamonds

You must be thinking what is ‚Äėdrill‚Äė, don‚Äôt worry drill is another word used for diamonds. We use two types of drills in diamond painting. One is Square drill and the second is Round drill. You can have a look at the pros and cons of both below.

Square drill

Pros¬†‚Äď Cover full canvas and create complete looking painting.

Cons¬†‚Äď Less shiny, a little bit hard to apply.

Round Drill

Pros¬†‚Äď More Shiny, easy to apply diamonds

Cons¬†‚Äď Don‚Äôt cover the full canvas

You can read full article about square vs round diamonds on our blog. But most of our customers prefer square drill over round drill.

Diamond Painting Techniques

Everyone have own technique to place diamonds on the adhesive canvas. But when you place thousands of diamonds you will find some cool ways to complete your diamond painting faster and in a proper way.

Our customers shared some cool techniques with us. So we are sharing those with you.

Chackerboard technique

Checkerboard Technique

You must be heard about checkerboard. In this method we simply do an alternative of black and white squares. If we have a larger area of same color, we can use this method by simply placing the diamonds on the alternate boxes.

Once the checkerboard is created simply fill up the gaps and this will be very satisfying.

finish with the most

Finish with the most Technique

In this method we do the toughest part in starting and easiest part at last. To use this method simply start with the color that have smallest quantity. At the end finish with the color that you have the most.

This way is also very satisfying because when you complete the hard part of something at start everything rest will be easier.

one color at a time

One color at a time Technique

As the name suggests, simply fill one color at a time. There is a downside of this method and that is exposed area might get less sticky over time.

But this is a very easy method and you should also try this.


Fill with the Strips Technique

Our canvas have pre cutter strips on the cover. Most of the painters follow this pattern. In this method we remove the strips one by one and apply the diamonds. Once one strip is completed we can start with pulling out the another strip.

This is one of the easiest method. We highly recommend you to use this method because by using this method your canvas will not loose its stickiness.

farming method

The farm plot method

You may know the way how a farmer work on his field. Farmer always divide his field in large blocks. We also going to use this technique.

Make some large blocks so you can put three to five diamonds at a time. This method also works well when you have a large area of same color. You can also try this for other colors as well.

How to remove crease from diamond dotz canvas?

We always put a cylindrical foam in the canvas. So there will very less chance to get crease on the canvas.

In rare case if you get a crease on the canvas here are some ways to remove the crease.


Way 1: Put you creased canvas under your mattress for overnight. When you sleep on the mattress the canvas will automatically iron the crease with you body weight.

Way 2: If you have heavy books in your house we highly recommend you to put those books on the canvas for a night. The weight of books will remove the crease from the canvas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Diamond Painting?

Diamond painting is an alternative to cross-stitch. A painting that is made of diamonds or we can say beads is called a diamond painting. These diamonds are specially designed for making an awesome painting.

What a Diamond Painting Kit Contains?

We send paintings with different manufacturers across the world to ship it faster. Most of Paint With Diamond Kits contain the same accessories and tools that are listed below.
Package contains the following items 
High-Quality Super Adhesive Canvas
Beautiful and eco-friendly Diamonds
Point drill plates to Organise Diamonds
Sticky Gum pad to place diamonds on the canvas
Amazing Pens to place diamonds 
Tweezer tool

What is a 5D Diamond Painting Kit?

5D diamond painting is the latest technology and hobby just like the old cross-stitch. We use small beads to paint and those beads have a 5D shape.
The kit contains Canvas, 5D beads(Diamonds), Gum pad, tweezer tool and all other tools to make a 5D Diamond Painting.

What is the difference between 3D and 5D diamond paintings?

The difference between the 3D and 5D diamonds is the number of the facets that each diamond has. A 3D diamond has 3 facets and a 5D diamond has 5 facets.
We prefer using 5D diamonds because more of the facets will result in a more sparkling effect.

What is the best place to buy diamond paintings?

If you are looking for high-quality products and amazing customer support then there is only one name PaintingsCart. PaintingsCart is trusted by 89k+ customers with friendly customer support.
This is the only store that provides lifetime OOOOPS! warranty.

How to get Diamond Painting with my Own Photo?

If you want to make a diamond painting with your own photos then you can get it easily with PaintngsCart’s Custom Diamond Painting.
Simply upload your high-resolution photo. Let us know if you want to get your photo edited with our professional photo editors.

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