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Sparkle and Shine with Diamond Painting

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diamond painting

What is a diamond painting?

Diamond Painting is an evolution of the old cross stitch and paint by numbers. You can create unique artwork that sparkles and shimmer.

You need to place the 5D diamonds that come with each diamond painting kit on the sticky canvas. Once all the diamonds are placed on the canvas, your fantastic artwork is ready for display.

Custom Diamond Painting

Get personalized diamond painting with your photos. Convert your photos into sparkling diamond artwork now.

Customizable Diamond Painting

How diamond painting works?


Apply wax on the pen

Dip your pen into the wax/gel provided with the kit.

Pick up the diamonds

Pick up diamond

Now pick up diamonds from tray using the pen.


Place the diamond

Using the pen, place the diamond on the canvas.

Super Sticky Canvas

Super Sticky Canvas

The incredibly sticky adhesive on the canvas is vital, as it holds each tiny diamond firmly in place as the artist works.

Without the strong, reliable adhesive, the diamonds would slip and slide across the canvas, making it impossible to create an artwork.

The sticky canvas allows us to take our time and enjoy the meditative process of diamond painting without worrying about diamonds falling off or shifting position as we work.

Wavy Edges Canvas

We upgraded our overall painting kit quality, and now we use high-quality canvas with wavy edges. 

The quality of the canvas is increased by about 47% from the previous canvas that we used in 2019.

Enjoy painting with diamonds on this new canvas. 

Grab your favorite diamond painting now.

Qualiity Comparison

Quality that can't be matched

We use high-quality printers for printing on the canvas. The print is crisp clear and easy to read.

What are the main features of our canvas 

  • HD printing 
  • Eye protection 
  • Waterproof  

Customized Caricature Diamond Art

Join the new revolution in the diamond painting world.

Now, turn your photos into stunning caricature diamond paintings. 


What is included in diamond painting kit? 

Diamond painting includes everything you need to create stunning piece of art. The package consists of the items below –

  • Premium diamond painting canvas
  • Mosaic Diamond
  • Tweezers tools 
  • Diamond painter pen
  • Tray

Why should you buy from us?


Exclusive designs 

Enjoy latest and exclusive designs only on PaintingsCart. Our designers are working hard to get some unique and latest design for you.


Friendly Customer support

We are always here to help you with any query or question. You can share your diamond painting experience with us.


Secure Checkout

With 128-bit SSL security with advanced encryption you are guaranteed that your purchases are safe.

Why is Diamond Painting So Fun and Relaxing?

There are many reasons why diamond painting has become such a wildly popular:

  • It’s Fun and Calming: The repetitive action of placing the rhinestones onto the canvas can induce a meditative state. It provides a break from stress and anxiety. The result is a beautiful artwork you created!
  • Increase Creativity: Diamond art kits allow anyone to make impressive works of art, even without artistic experience or skills. You simply follow the provided pattern. It’s very gratifying watching your painting come to life as you fill in more beads.
  • Customizable: You can find custom diamond painting kit for almost any design imaginable. You can upload your photo and convert it into a 5d diamond painting.
  • Makes a Great Gift: A completed diamond painting art makes for a beautiful personalized gift for any occasion. Your partner will appreciate the time and care you put into creating this unique present.
  • Sense of Accomplishment: Finishing a diamond painting gives you real achievement. You can proudly display your completed, sparkling artwork and show off your handiwork.

Tips for Creating Your Diamond Art Masterpiece

Here are some handy tips to help you create quality diamond paintings:

  • Start by sorting and organizing your diamond drills by color before you begin. This saves time and frustration. Use the tray that comes as diamond art supplies.
  • Use the included pen or stylus to pick up and place each individual rhinestone. This gives you the most control for accurate placing.
  • Take breaks as needed when you start feeling fatigued. Diamond painting requires focus and concentration. Avoid burnout.
  • Frame and proudly exhibit your completed diamond painting to appreciate your time and effort! and share your experience with them.
Read more about some secret tips and tricks for diamond paintings.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Diamond painting take around 10 hours to 15 days to complete. This is totally subjective and depends on the size of the painting. 

Smaller kits than 30x40cm take less time, and some bigger kits like 90x120cm takes more than a month to complete. 

No, diamond painting is not an expensive hobby. You create beautiful diamond art in less than $10. 

If you are buying a larger painting then it can be a bit expensive but not more than your favorite pair of shoes.

Diamond painting is a upgrade to the old cross-stitch and paint by numbers. You receive a canvas with some symbol marked on it and some resin bead that you can match with the symbol and apply on the canvas. 

It is just like the paint by number, but now we use diamonds as colors and pen as brush.

Yes, we highly recommend you to seal your diamond painting once you complete it. By sealing your artwork, you can preserve its shine and glow. 

Once you complete your diamond art project, you can preserve the diamonds left. You can use these diamonds on the next projects that you want to do.

Yes, diamond painting is a good hobby that is proven to reduce stress and spread happiness with its therapeutic effect. You will get a sense of accomplishment once you complete your project.

Diamond art are easy and fun to create. We highly recommend you to try some abstract art or an artwork with your favorite photo. You will find that diamond dots are 100% worth the money and time.

It totally depends on on the design. If your design have colors less than 20 then it will take you around 3–5 days to complete. If your design is more complex, then it can take 10–15 days to complete if you work 2 hours daily on the painting.

You can use multi placer diamond painting pen to complete your art faster. Multi-placer pen will help you to pick up multiple diamonds in a one go.

You can try some abstract art, animals art, birds, and nature based themes for 5d diamond painting kits. You can use your own photo to get a painting for yourself.

  • Square diamond are easy to place and selected by most of our customers. 
  • Round diamonds are shinier, you can try these to get a new experience.


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