Merry Christmas — Custom Caricature Diamond Art


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Customized diamond paintings in a unique style

You probably tried out old custom diamond painting. This time we are here with a unique concept that is called caricature diamond art. You can customize your photos according to your choice. We have 50+ customization options. So what are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity to show a new talent.

Diamond paintings are very easy to do. You just need to place all the diamonds on the adhesive canvas and your sparkling painting is ready.

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What is included in the Kit?

  • Self-adhesive velvet canvas
  • Sparkling diamonds
  • Pen, tray, and tweezers tools
  • Glue/Wax

Why should you buy a kit?

  • Very relaxing and fun activity
  • Reduce stress and increase happiness
  • Develop creativity in kids

Merry Christmas — Custom Caricature Diamond Art

The best gift for your girlfriend or best friend this Christmas. Check out the product description.

  • Type — Caricature diamond painting
  • Occasion — Christmas
  • Suitable for — Gifting
  • Best gifting item
Diamond painting tools and accessories

It was Christmas morning, and 8-year-old Lucy jumped out of bed bright and early. Under the tree sat a present labeled just for her from Aunt Sue. Lucy carefully tore off the paper and unveiled a custom caricature diamond painting kit.

The canvas featured a glittering image of Lucy in a Santa hat, smiling wide, surrounded by gifts and cookies. The words “Merry Christmas” circled brightly around her cartoon likeness.

Lucy’s face lit up with delight. “It’s me! And it’s so sparkly!” she exclaimed. She repeatedly turned the painting in her hands, watching the rainbow lights dance off the partial drills.

Aunt Sue smiled fondly at her reaction. “I thought you’d like making your special art to decorate your room this Christmas,” she said.

Lucy gave Aunt Sue a big hug and then settled right on the living room floor, sorting through the rhinestone diamonds. She got to work filling in each colorful square, proudly displaying her completed masterpiece that very night above her bed.

It was a gift Lucy would treasure forever. The dazzling custom caricature captured her wide-eyed childhood wonder, sparking Christmas magic that would last her life.

How to get started with diamond painting
How to get started with diamond painting
Round vs square diamonds
Round vs square diamonds

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