The Santa — Custom Caricature diamond painting


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Customized diamond paintings in a unique style

You probably tried out old custom diamond painting. This time we are here with a unique concept that is called caricature diamond art. You can customize your photos according to your choice. We have 50+ customization options. So what are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity to show a new talent.

Diamond paintings are very easy to do. You just need to place all the diamonds on the adhesive canvas and your sparkling painting is ready.

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What is included in the Kit?

  • Self-adhesive velvet canvas
  • Sparkling diamonds
  • Pen, tray, and tweezers tools
  • Glue/Wax

Why should you buy a kit?

  • Very relaxing and fun activity
  • Reduce stress and increase happiness
  • Develop creativity in kids

The Santa — Custom Caricature diamond painting

The best gift for the family and friends this Christmas. Check out the product description.

  • Type — Caricature diamond painting
  • Occasion — Christmas
  • Suitable for — Family and friends
  • Best gifting item
Diamond painting tools and accessories

Mike unzipped the large package from his wife, having no idea what it could be. As he peeled back the layers of tissue paper, a magnificent canvas was revealed, showing a colorful caricature of himself dressed up in a full Santa suit and beard.

“This is amazing!” Mike exclaimed, taking in all the tiny details. The painting popped with rainbow rhinestones and drills thanks to the diamond painting technique.

His wife Jen smiled at seeing his wonder struck expression. “I know how much you love dressing up as Santa for the neighborhood Christmas party every year. Now you can enjoy being St. Nick all year round!”

Mike shook his head in disbelief as he admired the custom creation. “I look like the real deal here – so jolly and lifelike! You even captured my rosy cheeks and merry twinkle in my eyes.”

“Couldn’t have Santa without that signature sparkle,” Jen laughed.

Mike kissed her, then found a prominent spot to hang the brilliant Christmas painting. He stood back, admiring his caricature immortalized in dazzling diamonds. It was a work of art to be cherished forever, remembering the spirit of the season lived every day.

How to get started with diamond painting
How to get started with diamond painting
Round vs square diamonds
Round vs square diamonds

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