13 Paint By Numbers Hack You Should Know

Paint By Numbers Hack

You are on this page it means that you are a Paint by numbers lover? We are sharing 13 Amazing Paint By Numbers Hack that can help you to get started with your Painting By Number Journey.

These tips will help you to make your art more beautiful and start your journey in the correct way. So you will not through your artwork in Dustbin.

13 Paint By Numbers Hack You Should Know

Do you know? painting by numbers and diamond paintings are one of the best hobbies last year. It’s a creative way to spend your free time and have fun.

These paint by numbers kits are very relaxing and give pleasure. There is no age barrier. Doesn’t matter you are 50 years old, 20 years old or you want to grab the kits for an 8-year-old kid.

If you want to get started with the painting journey then paint by number is one of the best ways because to get started with it. You don’t need any prior experience or expertise.

Paint By Numbers Hack for Beginner

Time needed: 4 minutes.

If you are wondering how can you take your Paint By number to the next level? Then you must read these awesome tips and tricks for painting.

  1. Buy a kit with Frame

    We highly recommend getting an Artwork with a DIY frame. Because it is easy to work with a pre-framed painting canvas.
    Most of our Paint by numbers kits come with a frame option. If you don’t find any frame option then you can buy a frame from here.

    Painting with Frame

  2. Keep the brushes Clean

    You should clean the brushes when you switch from one color to another of your paint by number. If you don’t wash the brush then two colors may overlap on each other.
    Our painting colors dry very quickly and can ruin your brush if you don’t wash it.
    You should keep a water bottle and a clean cloth near you to wash the brush every time.

    Wash The Brushes

  3. Close the Paint Lid

    As we already mentioned earlier that our paint dries very quickly. We suggest you close the paint lid when you are not using it.

    If you think a color gets a little bit dry you can add a little bit of water to restore its creamy texture.

    Painting brushes

  4. Don’t worry if you fill the Wrong color  

    Making a mistake is human nature so you don’t need to worry if you filled the wrong color. We suggest you wait for some time and let the color get dry.
    Now fill the right color in the box and let it dry if you still can see the wrong color we suggest you add one more layer of the color.

  5. Take Breaks while Painting  

    If you are a beginner to Paint by number, we suggest that you should not complete it in one go. Do it in parts because you will enjoy it more every time.
    Doing it in one go can give you pain in back or headache. So we suggest you complete it in parts.

  6. Start with Dark Color or background

    It’s my personal suggestion that you should paint one color at the time and start with the background color that is dark most of the time.
    This will help you to get an idea of the painting and you will get an outline of the painting.
    By painting with a single color you don’t need to wash the brush frequently as we suggested in the earlier part of the tutorial.

    Fill the background first

  7. Keep the work Area Clean and dry

    Having a clean environment will increase your interest in the painting and you can focus on it properly.
    We suggest you cover the whole area with a newspaper so no dust or other particles will be there to make your canvas dirty.

    Clean the Area

  8. Start from the top of the canvas

    Start from the top of your painting canvas and continue downwards to avoid any smudging.
    Please prefer the right or left corner according to your personal preference. If you are left-handed start from the top right corner. If you are right-handed Start from Top left.

  9. Don’t apply A lot of colors

    Please don’t put a lot of color on each section of the Paint by Number kit because the canvas may not absorb a thick layer of Paint and this can cause smudging.

  10. Add some water if you feel dryness in color  

    The pigment of the colors provided by us contains a thick color so we suggest you add a little bit of water before applying.
    This will help you to fill up the color easily. But please don’t add a large amount of water.

    Add Water in the Pigment

  11. Have a Wet Piece of Cloth near you

    As we already suggested that your brushes need to clean when you change the color that you want to fill up on the canvas.
    So make this take more easy and convenient we suggest you have a wet towel near you. This will help you to clean the brushes quickly.

    wet Cloth for cleaning

  12. Have Multiple size brushes  

    With each Painting kit, PaintingsCart sends 3 brushes of different sizes. We suggest you use all of them.
    Due to laziness people just use a single brush for the whole painting and in this way, they mix up the colors in the small boxes.
    Please go with the bigger brush in the big section and go with a small brush in the smaller section.

    Multiple Size Brushes

  13. Love your Painting art

    You need to get attached emotionally, Physically and mentally with you painting.
    This will help you to complete your painting with happiness and this will help you to reduce more stress.

    Romantic Couple DIY Paint By Numbers

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So, dear painters, these are some Paint By Numbers Hack from our side to work efficiently with your Paint by Number kit.

We welcome you in the comment section to give your precious advice to us. Thanks for Reading.

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