Diamond Painting Framing – Ultimate Step by Step Guide

Diamond Painting Framing

So you are ready with your amazing artwork made with sparkling diamonds. We know that it takes a lot of time to complete the diamond painting. Diamond Painting Framing is the final task to make your diamond painting more beautiful.

We hope the result of your diamond painting is amazing and now you are thinking that “How do I Frame this Diamond Painting?”

No Worries, No Worries, PaintingsCart is here to help you with framing your artwork. First of all, get some DIY framing bars offered by PaintingsCart according to the size of your diamond painting.

Now follow all the steps to get your beautiful painting framed. Don’t worry this is a very simple task and takes only 30 minutes.

Please follow the instructions below to get started with Framing your Diamond Painting

Diamond Painting Framing Process

Time needed: 1 hour.

Please follow the below step by step guide to getting started with Diamond Painting Framing.

  1. Seal Your Diamond Painting

    Before framing your diamond painting we suggest you seal diamond painting to give it a long life. You can use Brush-on sealer or spray sealer to Seal your painting
    We highly recommend you to seal your diamond painting.

    1st Diamond Painting Sealer copy

  2. Get the Wooden Frame Bars  

    This is the first step to getting started with framing. Get the Wooden Framing bars each of the framing kits includes:
    – 4x Wooden framing Bars
    – 4x “U” Nails
    – 4x Corner Wedges

    How to Frame Finished Diamond Painting: Ultimate Guide

  3. Lay out your canvas on Flat surface

    Lay your Canvas outside facedown onto a sleek, clean and flat surface. Lay out every framing bar along the borders of the canvas.

    Be certain each bar is flush up against the border of this painting!

    Otherwise, your framed painting won’t appear much good as you wish to view it.
    NOTE: Please be sure narrow half of every bar should be facing inward.

    Lay Out the frame

  4. Secure the bars with tape

    We advise you to use tape to affix the bars at the area onto the canvas. Please be aware that tape isn’t included.

    USe tape

  5. Remove the Tape from Bars

    Eliminate the double-sided glue tape on every stretcher-bar. Then curl up 4 sides into every other.
    Squeeze the corners to secure each one the stretcher bars set up.

    Remove Tape Painting Framing

  6. Insert Each “U” Nail

    Insert every”U” Nail to the pre-drilled holes each Bar. After all “U” Nails are added by hand, then use a hammer to affix the claws into the Stretcher Bars.

    Insert U Nails

  7. Add the Corner Wedges

    Add the Corner Wedges in the grooves on Both Sides of Every Stretcher Bar.
    Use a hammer to Ensure the Corner Wedges right into position.

    Insert the corner

  8. Hang The Diamond painting on Wall

    It’s time to showcase your artwork to all. Now your framing is completed, now you can hang the diamond painting on your wall.

    Hang the diamond painting on wall

That’s all dear, your framed diamond painting is ready. We hope that you will love the tips and tricks that we shared for Diamond Painting Framing.

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